Unmatched Craftsmanship: The Essence of Our Custom Beds

Everyone likes comfortable furniture that can give rest to the feet and body after a tiring day. While beds are the first thought when looking for a place to rest, the sofa and armchair are not far behind. If you’ve ever struggled to find adequate sleeping arrangements for friends and family during vacations, you’ll understand why a sofa-cum-bed is preferable to a traditional sofa. With the market overflowing with normalized item parts, many get the chance to add their style and taste in the making of their bed, as well. 

What Do You Mean By Custom Beds?

Custom-made furniture refers to pieces that skilled workers work on per the client’s requirements. It permits you to decide on the color, sort of material utilized, finish, plan, and other things. Additionally, it qualifies as “uniquely designed” furniture regardless of whether you will choose a couple of these things. If you’re someone with body pain, backaches, or any other posture-related dysfunctions, a custom bed is an excellent investment because it’s designed to suit your specific health needs. With the optimum support a custom bed provides, you’ll wake up well-rested and refreshed instead of feeling tired and groggy.

Discovering Variety: Different Types of Custom Beds, Including Bespoke Designs, to Suit Every Bedroom


  • Pull Out Drawers

Traditional beds generally have twin pairs of drawers on either side of a double bed, which require a lot of room on the sides to maneuver. It sometimes limits their functionality when placed in small bedrooms. As a result, our designers devised a novel concept in which the drawers are located in the front section, freeing up space for bedside tables and other furniture.

  • Trundle Bed

Another popular design that has been in vogue as space-saving furniture for several years is this bed balanced with hinges and springs. The hinge on the side of the wooden headboard allows the upper section of the bed to rise from the feet, and the base contains organizers. This bed design is perfect for stocking winter clothing, extra sheets, and pillows.

  • Wall Suspending

Instead of an open shelf organizer, the space beneath the bed serves as a storage area for small boxes. The bed in this design was built at a slightly higher level than the previous one to allow for the storage of several objects beneath it. The height ensures that there is sufficient entrance of light under the bed.

  • Kids’ Bunk Beds

Why not turn kids’ bedrooms into a fun zone with bunk beds and mattresses that can be laid out on raised wooden platforms? Kids love adventure games. When space is limited, clever design allows studying and sleeping in the same area. While toys and books can be stored on the shelf, pull-out drawers beneath the mattress can be used as a private storage space for secret items.

Why Choose Custom Beds From Carpentry Abu Dhabi?

Modern furniture has a significant advantage over traditional furniture in that it can be easily integrated into both small and large spaces depending on the need. We bring you designs for multi-tasking beds that do more than provide a comfortable place to sleep. Our beds are fitted with drawers on lower and lateral spaces providing efficient storage regions worth the price.